Joe Bonamassa Official - Live - "Oh Beautiful" from Muddy Wolf Live at Red Rocks

Published on 12 October 2019 by GuitarEuroMedia Category

Joe Bonamassa on writing “Oh Beautiful”-
“It was one of the last songs we recorded. When I listened back to the crappy demo I’d made for it, I said, ‘All right, that’s it. We’ve got the record now.’ I always wanted to write an a cappella number like Oh Well or Young Man Blues, so this is sort of in that vein. It harkens back to real traditional blues, and then it just goes nuts.

“I wrote it with James House, and he helped me with the lyrics. He didn’t really get the structure at first, so it was like, ‘You want to do an a cappella verse. Is there a chorus?’ ‘No.’ Is there a bridge?’ ‘No.’ ‘Well, there’s a little instrumental thing – what happens after that?’ And I said, ‘Well, you leave that to us’ – knowing full well how the thing would pan out. It would be three minutes of soloing, a verse again and there you go.

“So it’s two verses, one on repeat, and a big ol’ solo in the middle – we go into the full-on Zeppelin/psychedelic thing. We did three takes of that, with the last solo on a Tele. I think the song is one of the stars on the record – and a superstar live. You start out with Delta blues and then go into outer space or something.”


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