Josh Rand Interview | Stone Sour Hydrograd Tour 2017 | Hughes & Kettner

Published on 19 December 2017 by GuitarEuroMedia Category Tag

We hung out with Stone Sour guitarist Josh Rand at the band’s sold out show in Luxembourg!

During this interview we discuss Josh’s life in Stone Sour, recording Hydrograd, his Hughes & Kettner TriAmp and Ibanez rig (and his new pedals!), songwriting, and a whole lot more.

Check out the different parts of the interview here:

0:26 The Hydrograd Tour
1:36 The evolution of Stone Sour as a band
2:55 Stone Sour’s musical progression
4:37 Recording Hydrograd
6:36 Josh’s guitar sound – TriAmp + Ibanez!
7:54 Josh’s new pedalboard FX pedals – Strymon and Eventide
9:33 Recreating studio sounds onstage
10:20 Finding space in the Stone Sour mix with three guitarists
12:14 How Josh writes songs
13:38 What would a Josh Rand solo album sound like?
14:38 Stone Sour in 2018 and beyond!
19:00 Josh on not being your typical rock star
20:42 Can Stone Sour go on for another 10 years?


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