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MESA® CabClone™ IR Cabinet Simulators Package 16 IR Cabinets, a Built-In Reactive Load and Power Attenuator (IR+) in One Compact Device. Go direct, with or without a speaker cabinet when recording, playing live or using headphones with instant access to 16 MESA IR cabinet simulations and consistent tone from venue to venue, all in a box that drops neatly into your gear bag.

Both CabClone IRs come pre-loaded with the following 8 MESA cabinets, professionally captured two different ways with a combination of world-renowned ribbon, dynamic and condenser microphones. Cabinets included are the 4×12 Recto® Standard, 4×12 Recto Traditional, 2×12 Recto Horizontal, 1×12 Recto, 1×12 Thiele, 2×12 Lone Star®, 1×12 Lone Star 23 all featuring MESA’s proprietary UK-Made Celestion speakers and the new 1X12 California Tweed™ 23 featuring the Jensen 100-Watt Alnico “Blackbird” speaker.

Along with the 16 MESA Factory supplied IR Cabinet Simulations, each device includes ample storage for users to download and save their own library of third-party IRs within the CabClone IR’s memory, which can then be dragged into any of the PRESET locations to replace the Factory sounds.

The CabClone IR PLUS features a built-in power attenuator which gives users the option to dial in their favorite, or venue-appropriate, amp power level to achieve the perfect sound and feel at lower volume to pair with the on-board IR Cab Simulation of choice. Four power reduction settings and a –0dB/Bypass offers a wide range of power control for a tube amplifier with the lowest setting, -16dB, providing a rheostat dial to control volume in increments all the way down to silent/off.

To learn more about the CabClone IR and CabClone IR PLUS from MESA/Boogie, visit

Written, Performed, Recorded & Mixed by Michael Phillip Taylor at S.P.A.C.E. records, Sebastopol, CA.

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