MESA/Boogie California Tweed™ 6V6 4:Forty Multi-Watt Comparison

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This video showcases the wide range of volume, clip potential and tones available from the Multi-Watt switch on the California Tweed. Gig-level volumes are available at 40, 30 & 20 watts, while the lower volume 10 and 2 watt settings offer authentic tweed clip, overdrive and grind, particularly when pushed with higher gain settings or hotter input signals.

At 40 watts, both rhythm and single note sounds are crisp, snappy and detailed. There’s plenty of headroom from the four 6V6 power section for any gig while getting some classic tweed sting and bite with the Gain control set above 12:00.

30 watts introduces clip and sag to the sound and feel, yet still retains plenty of headroom for louder playing and gigging. you’ll also notice higher frequencies starting smooth out and roll off as you increase the Master and power tube clipping.

20 watts provides the perfect in-between range of clip and overdrive vs. headroom for small club performance. There’s a familiar sag from the power section at this wattage, as well as an elastic bloom in the bass when power tubes are pushed in this setting.

10 watts begins to add a heavy haze of harmonic clip around single notes while high frequencies begin to roll off noticeably. Lower register rhythm and chording will begin to show rougher edges of power tube clip that work so well for traditional Blues sounds .

2 watts provides the potential to connect with reckless power tube saturation, but don’t count this wattage out for addictive, expressive single note lead tones. Finding the sweet spot on the Gain, Tone and Master controls is worthy of exploration, especially in home playing and studio environments. This wattage setting alone could be it’s own amp and exploring the extremes of settings in this wattage is highly recommended.

Available as a 1×12 combo or medium 23” head, the California Tweed Series also welcomes two vintage-tuned, matching 1×12 & 2×12 extension cabinets that deliver the classic resonance of the Cali-Tweed voice.

Original composition played by Kris Dilbeck of Mesa Customer Service. Nash Guitars S63 with Lollar single coil pickups through with a California Tweed Head and 2×12 cabinets with Jensen Black Bird speakers. Mic’d with a Shure SM57, Shure KSM313 and an Avatone CK-40 Stereo Room mic. Mixed 33% SM57, 33% KSM313, and 33% Avatone CK-40.

For more information on the California Tweed:

And the California Tweed Cabinet Series:

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