MESA/Boogie California Tweed™ – Delay & Overdrive Pedals

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The California Tweed™ LOVES pedals. The input circuit and tube preamp is thoroughly optimized and beautifully responsive to pedals, guitar volume changes, input boost, and your favorite effects. In this example, the delay is placed in front of the amp, although the California Tweed’s FX Loop is also a perfect interface for FX (particularly time-based FX like delay & chorus), etc, as well as rack mount processors or more elaborate effects devices.

The blend of the delay with the California Tweed’s lush spring reverb creates an incredible ambient effect that feels as good to play as it sounds.

Designed to be authentic to classic blackface and tweed clean sounds, the California Tweed 4: Forty is the quintessential pedal-platform amp. Combined with our patented Multi-Watt functionality, the California Tweed is perfectly simplified, yet highly configurable to your musical amplifier needs.

Available as a 1×12 combo or medium 23” head, the California Tweed Series also welcomes two vintage-tuned, matching 1×12 & 2×12 extension cabinets that deliver the classic resonance of the Cali-Tweed voice.

Original composition played by Kris Dilbeck of Mesa Customer Service. Nash Guitars S63 with Lollar single coil pickups through with a California Tweed Head and 2×12 cabinets with Jensen Black Bird speakers. Mic’d with a Shure SM57, Shure KSM313 and an Avatone CK-40 Stereo Room mic. Mixed 33% SM57, 33% KSM313, and 33% Avatone CK-40.

For more information on the California Tweed:

And the California Tweed Cabinet Series:

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