MESA/Boogie Fillmore™ 25 & 50 Comparison Demo

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While the Fillmore™ 25 & Fillmore™ 50 share the same preamp, controls and speakers, the two amps offer different power tube types and, in their 1×12 combo format, different cabinet sizes. Dinesh Lekhraj from the Mesa/Boogie Hollywood store talks and plays us through some of the differences between these two amps.

The Fillmore 25 is the smaller and more compact of the two amps and the 1×12 combo weighs in at 35lbs while the Fillmore 50 1×12 wide body combo weighs in at 45 lbs. Despite having the same speaker, the Fillmore 50 offers more low end width and and a bit more punch, while the Fillmore 25 combo, housed in the classic Boogie 1×12 combo size, offers a bit of an upper midrange bump that cuts through a mix in gigging situations.

The Fillmore 25 uses 6V6 power tubes – the first dedicated 6V6 power section for a Mesa amp – and the preamp and power section are perfectly blended here. There’s an amazing threshold of clip and classic 6V6 grit and growl. In both Fillmore 25 and 50, dialing in the gain to taste between the three modes will deliver a wide range of authentic vintage-inspired Tones from sparkling cleans, subtle clip and drive, singing and sustaining single note solo sounds, and classic crunch and grinding rock rhythm gain.

Recorded with a Nash S57 with Lollar pickups in the Fillmore 25 and Fillmore 50 1×12 combos. Mic’d with a SAhure SM57 and Share KSM 313 and an H4N stereo room mic and mixed 33% SM57, 33% KSM313 and 33% H4N.

For more info on the Fillmore™ 25:

And more info on the Fillmore™ 50:

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