MESA/Boogie Fillmore™ 25 Official Demo

Published on 2 October 2018 by GuitarEuroMedia Category Tag

The Fillmore™ 25 combines the simple-yet-versatile layout established in the Fillmore™ 50 with the juicy compression, clip and vintage feel of 6V6 tubes.

The original Boogie® 19-inch wide, 1×12 combo format blends perfectly with the lower wattage 6V6 power section to offer authentic, traditional clean, clipped and overdrive Tones in a portable package that weighs only 35 lbs. The Fillmore™ 25 is also available in a head version and can be paired with a new, matching 19” open-back 1×12 extension cabinet, specifically tuned for the Fillmore’s circuit and Tones. The Fillmore 25 also pairs well with the other Fillmore cabinets like the 1×12 23 inch wide-body or the open-back 2×12. Any Fillmore cabinets can be custom loaded with a full range of renowned speakers like Celestion Gold, Blue, Cream and Creamback speakers for the ultimate vintage-tuned speaker cabinet or amplifier.

It’s the original, Boogie-sized footprint with vintage preamp flexibility to cover any style via two identical channel. Experience the circuits, sounds and the bounce and bloom of 6V6 power with the Fillmore 25.–simulators/guitar-cabinets–simulators/fillmore-series/1×12-fillmore-19.html

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