MESA/Boogie Official Impulse Response Two Notes IR Cab Packs

Published on 9 October 2018 by GuitarEuroMedia

MESA Engineering and Two Notes Audio Engineering are proud to present the Official MESA/Boogie – Two Notes IR Cab Packs.

The World Tour Edition and Studio Legends Edition both feature seven iconic Mesa cabinets, hand-picked and tested for Tone. The cabinets represented include MESA’s 1×12 Thiele Front Ported Compact, 1X12 Recto® Closed Back, 1X12 Lone Star® 23, 2×12 Lone Star®, 2X12 Recto® Horizontal, 4X12 Recto® Traditional Slant and 4X12 Recto® OS Standard Slant.

The World Tour Edition microphone selection consists of six dynamic, one ribbon and one condenser microphone, including the most popular mics for live performance capture. The Studio Legend Edition cab pack features four ribbon and four condenser microphones, including meticulously selected, iconic studio microphones often only available in high-end recording studios.

Between both packs, users will have Impulse Responses of some of the most popular cabinets in the world with a selection of microphones used for some of the greatest recorded guitar tones in history. Both MESA IR Cab packs reflect the most accurate IR captures for MESA cabinets available to date, approved and fully endorsed by the company that brings you unparalleled excellence in speaker cabinet design, manufacturing and tone.

To learn more about the MESA/Boogie World Tour and Studio Legend Edition IR Cab Packs, visit:–simulators/guitar-cabinets–simulators/guitar-cabinet-simulator/ir-cab-packs.html

For purchasing:
The World Tour edition pack:

The Studio Legend Edition pack:

Special Offer Launch Pack:
Audio mixed by Brett Caldas-Limas. All guitars were re-amped with a RoadKing II and a Mark V through Torpedo Reload and exclusively using the Official MESA/Boogie Impulse Response cab packs.

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