MESA/Boogie Rosette® 300 Acoustic 1x10 – 2x8 Comparison

Published on 10 December 2018 by GuitarEuroMedia Category Tag

We’re proud to offer a new 1×10 speaker configuration for the Rosette® 300 acoustic amplifier series. The detailed accuracy and dimensional width of the Rosette 2×8 combo is now joined by an EQ-friendly 1×10 combo for another take on accurate acoustic amplification.

The Rosette 1×10 delivers a warmer, mid-scooped character that also re-voices higher frequencies in a pleasing way that compliments flat picking and strumming. While the original 2×8 combo delivers finger-style enhancing mid-focus and detail, the Rosette 1×10’s mainstream sonic signature makes it easier to get inspiring sounds quickly and with less adjustment of the amplifier’s powerful EQ controls to create a more plug-and-play experience.

Both combos offer the same feature set, renowned electronics and top-quality cabinetry and components, with each version offering its own musical range of sonic tastes and playing styles.

Recorded with a Taylor Builders Edition K14ce with Expression System 2 pickup, a Martin HD28-V with L.R. Baggs Anthem pickup, and a Heritage Mimi Fox Signaturewith Seymour Duncan Humbuckers. Mic’d with Shure KSM 313 and Avatone CK-40 stereo room mic and mixed 80% CK-40 and 20% KSM313.

For more on the Rosette 1×10 and the Rosette series:
Rosette 300 Product

1×10 Format×10-combo.html

Out thanks to Mimi Fox for the excellent playing examples and comparison.

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