MESA/Boogie Subway® WD-800™ Bass Amp Official Demo

Published on 28 November 2018 by GuitarEuroMedia Category Tag

The WD-800™ Head combines the warm, soulful sounding magic of the WalkAbout tube preamp with the musical Class-D output power used in our Subway D-800 and D-800+ amps to create the ultimate lightweight hybrid.

The original WalkAbout Tone is joined by comprehensive rotary shelving Tone controls and a semi-parametric EQ, giving you total shaping authority in the preamp. The new WD-800 also features the Subway D800+’s highly effective HIGH PASS FILTER as well as a new POWER AMP DAMPING control, which allows tuning of the sub-low frequencies and power response options respectively.

The WD800 can perform as a stand-alone Head or be mounted in 2 Spaces within standard 19” Racks by attaching the optional Rack Ears (not included).

Recorded with a Beyer-Dynamic Opus 99 Mic and an Avatone CK-40 Stereo Room mic and blended 60% Beyer and 40% CK-40.

For more information on the Subway WD-800:

And more information on the new 4×10, 2×12 and 2×15 Subway® Ultra-Lite cabinets:–simulators/bass-cabinets/subway-series/subway/index.html–simulators/bass-cabinets/subway-series/subway/4×10.html–simulators/bass-cabinets/subway-series/subway/2×12-vertical.html–simulators/bass-cabinets/subway-series/subway/2×15-vertical.html

Big thanks to Bassist Uriah Duffy for the perfect grooves for this demo and beyond:

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