MESA Subway® Ultra-Lite Cab Comparison – 4x10 - 2x12 - 2x15 – Blues
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The Subway® Ultra-Lite cabinet line expands with incredibly lightweight and compact 4×10, 2×12 and 2×15 models in addition to the existing 1×12, 1×15 and 2×10 models.

These medium format cabs deliver big venue punch and volume and each cabinet has it’s unique Tone on offer. The compact design, Italian poplar ply and neodymium speakers make them a breeze to lift, load or carry.

The 2×12 weighs in at 52 lbs and and is small enough to fit in most compact car seats. It also delivers a signature midrange snap and clarity that mixes beautifully with a low-mid punch that really connects with a kick drum.

The Subway 4×10 delivers the focus, precise lows, and signature midrange of this popular cabinet format, but the accuracy, punch and power handling of this 4×10 is truly impressive. Beyond it’s great Tone, at 55 lbs, it’s a breeze to lift or load and it comes with Mesa’s Track-Loc™ casters.

The Subway 2×15 has to be heard (and felt) to be believed. The punch and bloom from this cabinet is phenomenal, while still remaining balanced, tight, clear and articulate across the full range. The 2×15 is fitted with Tilt & Roll Casters and rear slide rails and at just 60 lbs, loading and lifting is no problem and well worth it when you feel the Tone you’re bringing with this cab.

Recorded with a Beyer-Dynamic Opus 99 Mic and an Avatone CK-40 Stereo Room mic and blended 50% Beyer and 50% CK-40.

For more info on the full line of Subway Ultra-Lite Cabinets:–simulators/bass-cabinets/subway-series/subway/index.html

And more information on the new 4×10, 2×12 and 2×15 Subway® Ultra-Lite cabinets:–simulators/bass-cabinets/subway-series/subway/4×10.html–simulators/bass-cabinets/subway-series/subway/2×12-vertical.html–simulators/bass-cabinets/subway-series/subway/2×15-vertical.html

For more information on the Subway WD-800:

Big thanks to Bassist Uriah Duffy for the perfect grooves for this demo:

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