//Mika Tyyskä and Mr. Fastfinger – Holy Grail Guitar Show with Ruokangas Guitars (Live)

Mika Tyyskä and Mr. Fastfinger - Holy Grail Guitar Show with Ruokangas Guitars (Live)

Published on 4 November 2015 by GuitarEuroMedia

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Had the great honour to perform and demo for Ruokangas Guitars at the Holy Grail Guitar Show, Berlin 31/10/2015. Here’s some samples of each song we with sensei Fastfinger. Setlist:
1. Effortless (Was the first time I attempted to perform this live)
2. Jump Like a Frog
3. Moonwaxer
4. Great Blue Waves
5. Be Wind My Friend
6. Tapping Boogie

Thank you Juha Ruokangas, Emma, Juno, Jyrki, Jani who where there for Ruokangas Guitars and helping out. Also major big thank you to Frank Urchel and Hughes & Kettner for delivering me Grandmeister amp. Thank you also to Antti Paranko who is not only a great guitar player and overall musician but clearly also knows what to do with a video camera. Thanks for the audience who came to see out demo show and for the wam welcom. Big thank you all at The Holy Grail Guitar Show, what a great festival of guitar luthiers and fans of hand made guitars. I respect this moment.

The sound is a little rought, it’s taken from the video camera. Did my best to make to tweak the tone as good as possible. To get a fuller sound I actually synced the original backing tracks to the mix a bit. Next time I will not forget to pull out my zoom recorder to capture a better sound!

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