Mimi Fox - Fillmore 25™ - "Darn That Dream"

Published on 3 December 2019 by GuitarEuroMedia Category Tag

From the moment Jazz great Mimi Fox picked up a Fillmore 25™, we’ve been looking forward to hearing how it melds with her unique & demanding style of playing. While it is easy to lose yourself in her soulful, melodic arrangements, those with keen ears and eyes are treated to an unrivaled technical virtuosity in each of her performances. So, Mimi and the Fillmore 25 just seemed the ideal match for one another. Recently Mimi brought her signature Heritage H-575 by the Home of Tone and the result is this inspiring performance of “Darn that Dream” from her Favored Nations release “She’s the Woman”. For more Mimi, visit: mimifoxguitar.com

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