//Moonwaxer – Michael Jackson meets shred guitar – Mr. Fastfinger tribute playthrough Mika Tyyskä

Moonwaxer - Michael Jackson meets shred guitar - Mr. Fastfinger tribute playthrough Mika Tyyskä

Published on 15 December 2016 by GuitarEuroMedia

Here’s Mika Tyyskä covering Mr. Fastfinger’s song Moonwaxer 🙂 The tune was inspired by Michael Jackson and Karate Kid. It started from the thought: what if Michael Jackson had been making instrumental guitar music, what would that been like? And at the same time it’s sort of sequel to “Wax on – Wax off” from The Way of the Exploding Guitar -album.

in this song we got the amazing Jan-Olof Strandberg featuring on Bass. Ofcourse master Thomas Törnroos on Drums. The groove is with these guys!

This playthrough video was shot about a year ago in 2015. It’s been performed live quite a few times after this and things has started to develop. Little rought on the edges etc. but it’s quite fun to watch this version now. This version is pretty closely the same as on the Spirit Rising -album. The outro solo is partly improvised while there are also some part from the original recorded version included.

About the song:
Such a cool groove with this song. All started when I was playing with a drum/beats plug-in on Cubase that I didn’t know to use. I got some cool loops going which i exported and those soon inspired me to write the main riffs. Some pleasing melodies here too. No acoustic guitar on the second verse this time. Listen to the CD or go to Spotify to hear that version. Hope you get some good kicks of this song. Enjoy! Wax on!

Ruokangas Guitar, The green one. Hughes & Ketttner Grandmeister 36, + H&K Tubemeister 1×12 cabinet, which was miced with Shure 57 and Octava microphones. Some eq and tweaks in Cubase. I probably used Mad Professor Forest Green Compressor or Simble overdrive as boosters…

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