Mr. Fastfinger - Beach Turtles On the Rocks (Live) Guitar melodic instrumental

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Upcoming show: Mr. Fastfinger Band live at Grand Porvoo.
Lauantai 21.5. 2016. Tänä viikonloppuna! Lisää infoa osoitteessa:

Mr. Fastfinger Band performing the tune “Beach Turles” at the Guitars on the Rocks festival in 27th of February 2016. The tune was composed almost daily 20 years ago. It was recorded and re-arranged for Mr. Fastfinger album In Motion (2012). Hope you enjoy this good vibe!

Rockway online music school did a online stream from the event. This video and audio is taken straight the material. No remix and edit. Well maybe a slight mastering eq / compression to the audio!

Mr. Fastfinger Band:
Mika Tyyskä, Lasse Rantanen, Kalle Katz, Thomas Törnroos

Guitars on the Rock
at On the Rocks, Helsinki.
Event producer Luca Gargano
Front of house mixing engineer Mikko Salonen

Video and audio footage captured by Rockway

Big thank you
Luca Gargano, Ville Salojärvi. Guitar on the Rocks performing artists and bands. Rockway for capturing this gig and giving me the footage.

Mika’s live gear:
Ruokangas Guitars – The Green Guitar
Hughes & Kettner – Tubemeister deluxe 40
TC Electronic – G-system
Mad Professor – Forest Green Compressor and Simble overdrive

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