Richard Hallebeek - Crashing Apps

Published on 28 August 2016 by GuitarEuroMedia Category Tag

Here’s another song from my new trio cd called ‘Crashing Apps’ that should be out end 2016. This song uses the diminished scale and a symmetrical scale (E-F-F#-G#-A-A#-C-C#-C) exclusively for the harmonies and the melodies. Always a challenge to solo over!
I wrote this song using the JamOrigin polyphonic guitar-to-midi software and also played the outtro solo with it. Plug your guitar into your sound card using your regular guitar output.. and it works – no audible tracking delays. Amazing technology – check it out here:

Frans Vollink – bass
Niels Voskuil – drums
Rich – everything else

All guitars are 100% Fractal Audio Axe Fx and this cd is mixed with FAS reverb. Thanks Matt Piccone. You can download the solo sound I used for this song here:

Marco Bosch custom pickups

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