Silent recording and tubes vs digital! Interview with Nico Schliemann from Glasperlenspiel

Published on 4 June 2018 by GuitarEuroMedia Category Tag

We bumped into Glasperlenspiel guitarist Nico Schliemann at musikmesse 2018 in Frankfurt. He was playing GrandMeister Deluxe 40 for a week using the Red Box DI on the Silent Stage, so we asked Nico all about recording and playing live in silence, tubes versus modeling, and a bunch of other stuff… enjoy 🙂

You can skip to the bits you want by using the chapters here:

0:45 What the hell is Glasperlenspiel?
1:48 Recording guitars without speakers
3:00 Making the change from micced cabs to more modern solutions
6:36 The new world of cabinet emulation and impulse responses
7:53 Nico’s recommendations for home recording and live: from plugins to tube amps
11:26 Nico’s current live rig for Glasperlenspiel and stage volumes
12:25 Playing dynamics and moving air: playing live with ‘real’ amps and cabs
13:48 Nico’s amp recommendations for small and large gigs
15:49 Nico’s recommendations for a home recording setup
16:53 “Don’t make yourself reliant on gear!”
17:52 Nico is more nervous playing to 20 people than to 20,000 people
18:57 Check out Nico here!

And here’s the interview Nico did with our good pal Henning Pauly:

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