Squares - "Never Let It Get You Down" (Joe Satriani, Andy Milton, Jeff Campitelli)

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Joe’s band from the ’80s – SQUARES – is finally available for the first time! Learn more and PRE-ORDER album now at https://squares.lnk.to/SquaresAlbumID

JOE SATRIANI has had a long and acclaimed solo career, his awards and accolades from fans and the industry alike are unending. Yet, through all of that, SATRIANI has often mentioned in interviews the musical trio that launched the next step in his musical career, his first band, the Squares, formed in Berkeley, CA in the late 70’s. Until now, no recordings of the inception of the legendary SATRIANI sound was available.

Joe Satriani – guitar, vocals
Andy Milton – bass, vocals
Jeff Campitelli – drums, vocals

Produced, Recorded and Mixed by John Cuniberti

“Unbelievable! I swear to God, I think this is great.. This could come out today!” – Sammy Hagar

“Joe’s guitar playing on these tracks is perfectly arranged, raw and visceral, with impeccable intonation and tone, exquisite phrasing, and fierce chops… all with no whammy bar or wha-wha! This record is a jewel for all Satch lovers, and a peek into the past of one of our beloved guitar geniuses” – Steve Vai

“It’s great to hear Joe Satriani playing in an era when rock bands owned their own P.A. systems, played four sets a night, and snuck in their “originals” between Bad Company covers. The melodic vocals and well-written songs here make it worth a trip back to this era. It also becomes apparent very quickly that there is a star in the band, and he is playing the electric guitar. Super tight rhythms and killer solos abound!” – Paul Gilbert

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