Steve Stine's Top Tips on Guitar Inspiration, Learning and Gear! Hughes & Kettner at NAMM 2019

Published on 8 March 2019 by GuitarEuroMedia Category Tag

Top online guitar educator Steve Stine sat down on the Hughes & Kettner couch to tell us all about learning guitar, his career as a guitarist and guitar teacher, and the gear he uses that inspires him to play every day!

Here’s the timestamps for the different sections of the interview:

0:00 Steve plays us in and a bit of NAMM chat
2:04 How and why Steve got into teaching and YouTube
3:52 Steve’s inspiration to become a guitar teacher
4:36 What do Steve’s students want to learn from him most?
6:17 Steve’s favorite guitar gear
7:50 Guitar students need inspirational gear to keep practicing
9:08 Steve’s top tip for beginners
12:19 Should you take guitar lessons online or in person?
14:15 Steve’s top tips for when you’re stuck in a rut

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