Tobias Rauscher - MESA/Boogie Rosette 300 Acoustic Amplifier – “Passion Loop"

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Modern percussive fingerstyle guitarist Tobias Rauscher is part of the modern acoustic guitar movement led by players like Andy McKee and Tommy Emmanuel. His playing style combines melodies with percussive elements in his own compositions full of technical refinements – pure and clean – performed on only one guitar.

Here in “Passion Loop”, Tobias is using the MESA/Boogie Rosette® 300 / Two:Eight™, a BMP CR-95 microphone. The guitar signal went through Tobias’ pedal board including a Bose T1, Strymon BigSky and a BOSS Super Octave OC-3, BOSS RC-2 and BOSS DD3.

Guitar: Ibanez AE900-NT
Strings: Elixir Phosphor Bronze .012 – .053
Pickups: K&K Trinity Mini & DiMarzio Black Angel
Tuning: D A D G B E

More of Tobias Rauscher’s music is available on his official YouTube channel:

Learn to play modern percussive fingerstyle by visiting Tobias’ online guitar academy:

For more about the Rosette Acoustic Series, visit…

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