Tone Sessions: Fillmore 50 – Jason Kui – "Now! You! Know!"

Published on 2 April 2019 by GuitarEuroMedia Category Tag

Hong Kong based Jason Kui recently visited the MESA/Boogie amp vault here at our factory in Petaluma, California to perform his song, “Now! You! Know!”. Showcasing the versatility of the Fillmore™ 50 Head and Fillmore™ 1×12 Extension Cabinet, Jason is playing a Guardian Angel Player from Tom Anderson Guitarworks. Perfectly suited for Jason’s style in this piece, the Fillmore 50 is an excellent platform for Jason’s articulate rhythm and it’s ready to soar for solos like only a Boogie can!

Thanks to Jason for coming out to play for us on this edition of the Tone Sessions!

“Now! You! Know!” taken from Jason’s instrumental album, Absence of Words by Prosthetic Records:

For more on the Fillmore Series:

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