Published on 15 June 2016 by GuitarEuroMedia

Armin Rauls from the electronic folk band Fiolka joined us on the famous Hughes & Kettner couch to tell us all about his rack system, which is built around his GrandMeister 36. Skip to the various parts of the interview here:

01:13 Armin’s rack: introduction
03:02 Why a rack can be practical for a gigging guitarist
04:03 GrandMeister in the rack – is too much heat a problem?
05:48 Armin’s rack: the sounds
09:22 Getting started with rack systems
10:52 Creating MIDI presets
12:04 Understanding and using MIDI with guitar amps
15:14 More about Armin’s band Fiolka
17:06 Building the GrandMeister into the rack system

We’ve also done a cool new Blog Of Tone about how rack systems can work for you as a guitar player in the 21st century, so check it out here:

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